Fair Trade Music



“Fair Trade” refers to an organized social movement that aims to help workers develop sustainable living wages so their families and communities can improve their health, education, and environmental standards.
It requires that the distributors of their goods voluntarily take a bit less of the profits because it is the “right thing to do”. We at Local 1000 of the American Federation of Musicians have always believed that musicians should be paid a fair and just living wage and be able to have a good and safe working environment as a right, not a privilege.
West Bethesda Folk Music Concerts supports Fair Trade Music and this is what we agree to do:
1) pay the musician at least the agreed upon minimum wage (this payment is waived with limits in the case of talent showcases or open mic events)
2) notify musicians of the Fair Trade Venue status & provide them contact info about Local 1000
3) sign forms provided by an AFM member, if they ask, enabling them to submit payments to their AFM pension fund. (LS-1 forms for US & LPCC forms for Canada authorize the musician to send in their own pension payment on behalf of the venue.)
4) commit to paying at least the minimum wage set by Local 1000 scales.
5) make up the difference between an artist’s percentage of the gate and the minimum wage. (in cases where the agreement was for a percentage of the door)
Why does West Bethesda Folk Music Concerts agree to do this? Because, it is the right thing to do.


Bob Hofbauer